What is Synchro?

Synchronized Swimming, also called Artistic Swimming, is an Olympic sport that combines dance, gymnastics, and swimming. Together in teams, duets, or as a single swimmer, athletes perform choreographed routines set to music that demonstrate their strength, flexibility, aerobic endurance and synchronization. It is a challenging, but rewarding and beautiful sport.

Why Synchro?

A synchronized swimmer builds endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, and flexibility through balanced training. It takes years to produce a world-class synchronized swimmer, but swimmers at any level can enjoy and develop in our sport.

Our Programs

We have programs for athletes of various ages and differing skill levels. We have highly committed swimmers and families in our award winning competitive program, and we have recreational swimmers in our Novice/Intermediate program who loves synchro, working in a team and competing, but feels that the competitive program is a too large commitment. Start synchro by trying synchro in one of our summer camps or lessons pack.


November 2, 2018
Santa Clara Aquamaids celebrates the 2018 season
10 and Under, 11-12, 13-15

The Santa Clara Aquamaids (SCA) are holding their Annual Banquet on November 4th 2018 to celebrate the 2018 amazing synchronized swimming season and athletes. This is the Aquamaids’ 64th banquet. Some of the most memorable moments for SCA were the Junior/Senior team taking Gold in Technical Team, Silver in Free Team and Combo at US National Senior Championships. Only two of our swimmers were Seniors at the time, this accomplishment shows the strength of Santa Clara Aquamaids. The Junior/Senior team also took Gold in all events (Team, Combo, Duet, and Solo) as well as Silver in Duet and Bronze in Solo at US National Junior and 13-15 Championships.

August 13, 2018
Synchro Skill Summer Camp

The competitive program enjoyed two exciting weeks of summer camp. Our athletes had classes in music appreciation, flexibility, Zumba, interpretive dance, dance with a focus on hands and upper body carriage, presentation in the water, ligament routines, stroke correction and more.  

Each class was run by the following special guest coaches:

August 3, 2018
International Club Exchange

In July,  the Santa Clara Aquamaids 13-15 competitive program participated in an international exchange program as part of USA Synchro’s International Club Exchange (ICE).  Athletes from Santa Clara Aquamaids (SCA), USA, and Pays d’Aix Natation (PAN), France, formed a lifetime bond during two wonderful summer weeks. During the first week PAN visited Santa Clara and during the second week our athletes made an exciting trip to Provence, France. This international exchange is the third for the US Synchro’s ICE program and the first the for SCA and PAN.

Recent Achievements

July, 2018
State Games
SCA became 2018 State Game Champion Team

Our pre-competitive squad went to California State Games to represent Santa Clara Aquamaids. This is the first away competition for our pre-compers and signals their transitions into our competitive program. The members of our squad participated in the Novice category fitting their age and all did a fabulous job! Congratulations to you all! We are very proud over your progress during this year in pre-comp.

Novice 8-9

Duet: Gold for Samatha and Sasha

Novice 9-10

Team: Our two teams took GOLD and SILVER

Trio: Noriko, Zoya and Jackie took Gold

June, 2018
2018 Junior Olympics

Our 11-12 and 13-15 age group swimmers competed in Junior Olympics in Synchronized Swimming in Oxford, Ohio, June 22-30, 2018. You can view the action on here.

11-12 Age group

Our team took silver after a tight competition with Walnut Creek Aquanuts. Our duet with Gianna and Perry also took a silver.

13-15 Age group

Our 13-15 team took silver.  Some of the original members of this team did not participate in JOs, since they were selected to USA National team. The newly added members who needed to learn this winning routine in a few short weeks.

Age Group 11-12 - Age Group 13-15
June, 2018
Primorje Synchro Cup

Nikki and Camryn won all events at the Primorje Synchro Cup in Croatia they participated in. Together they won gold in both Technical and Free Duet. Nikki also won gold in Technical and Free solo as well as figures. Camryn placed third in Technical and Free solo. She placed fifth in figures.

Congratulations! An amazing achievement for two new duet partners!


Our Partners

Our success is due, in part, to our great community partners. Many grateful thanks goes to: