What is Synchro?

Synchronized Swimming, also called Artistic Swimming, is an Olympic sport that combines dance, gymnastics, and swimming. Together in teams, duets, or as a single swimmer, athletes perform choreographed routines set to music that demonstrate their strength, flexibility, aerobic endurance and synchronization. It is a challenging, but rewarding and beautiful sport.

Why Synchro?

A synchronized swimmer builds endurance, strength, power, speed, agility, and flexibility through balanced training. It takes years to produce a world-class synchronized swimmer, but swimmers at any level can enjoy and develop in our sport.

Our Programs

We have programs for athletes of various ages and differing skill levels. We have highly committed swimmers and families in our award winning competitive program, and we have recreational swimmers in our Novice/Intermediate program who loves synchro, working in a team and competing, but feels that the competitive program is a too large commitment. Start synchro by trying synchro in one of our summer camps or lessons pack.

Try Synchro this Spring and Summer!


Interested in our year-long programs?

We are holding Try-outs for new swimmers interested in our Pre-Competitive and Competitive Program starting August 24th 2018, from 9:00 am. Register here!

Registration for our Novice/Intermediate Program ends September 8th! Learn more about our Novice/Intermediate Program here!


May 6, 2019
Memorial Day Exhibition

Come and join us on May 27 at 1 pm for a demonstration of the 2019’s season of Award Winning Performances!

After the show, we will have a “try it” session for boys and girls ages 5-10 so bring your swimsuit and towels and jump into the fun after the show! Interested in Synchro? Check out our lessons and summer camps!

April 5, 2019
Former Aquamaids score high at USA National Collegiate Championships

Last week at USA National Collegiate Championships, several former Aquamaids competed for their collages. We are happy to report that Nikki Dzurko, Ohio State, won first place in Solo, Duet with her Ohio State partner Laila Hurkic, and Team with Ohio State. The Collegiate Team USA Champions Ohio State also included former Aquamaids Camryn Carrasco, Alex Meredith and Stephanie Thielemann. In addition, Nikki won individual High Point Trophy. Stephanie won Gold in Trio with her Ohio teammates Wenjing Deng and Rachel Jager. The Ohio State Bronze team included former Aquamaids Phoebe Coffin and Ava Lichter.

February 28, 2019
Juniors & 13-15s leave for West Zones

Our Juniors and 13-15s are today leaving for West Zones Championships in Irvine, CA, today (Feb 28, 2019). West Zones Championship is an important step for our swimmers since this is a qualifying meet for USA Junior and 13-15 National Championships. Santa Clara Aquamaids have swimmers in solo, duet and team for both Juniors and the 13-15 age groups. We are excited to see their performances at West Zones! GO BIG RED!

You can follow along in the action at Live Synchro here!

Recent Achievements

April, 2019
Classic Invitational 2019

Our 11-12 teams participated in Classic Invitation in Tacoma, WA at the end April and came home with medals in all events they participated in!

Team: Gold for A-team and Bronze for B-team

Duet: Gold for Hannah & Isa

Solo: Silver for Olivia

Figures (top 8): 1st place Isa, 2nd place Hannah, 3rd place Ayla, 7th place Olivia

Age Group 11-12
April, 2019
2019 US 13-15 & Junior National Championships

At US 13-15 & Junior National Championships, SCA competed with in 13-15 with two teams, two combo teams, 4 duets and 4 solos, the junior team competed with one team, one combo, three duets and two solo. In 13-15 Aquamaids won Team High Point Award and their coaches Heather Carrasco, Patti Andresen and Ou Liu won 13-15 Coach of the Year Award. In 13-15 age group, Riley Morgan won the Athlete High Point Award, and in the Junior age group, Chiara Steele won Athlete High Point Award. Congratulations!

Age Group 13-15 - Juniors
April, 2019
Intermediate Championship

The Aquamaids returned to Seaside for the Intermediate Championships. This time our Novice and Intermediate swimmers along with the Age group 10 and Under from the Competitive Program participated. Congratulations to you all!



Trio: 1st place Isobel, Lexi and Allison

Duet: 2nd place for Isobel and Allison

Solo: 3rd place Lexi

Figure: 3rd place Isobel, 5th place Allison, 7th place Lexi

Age Group 10 and Under - Novice/Intermediate

Our Partners

Our success is due, in part, to our great community partners. Many grateful thanks goes to: