The Santa Clara Aquamaids have been producing world-class synchronized swimmers and Olympic athletes since 1964.

During our history, our athletes have won numerous National and World titles. The Aquamaids has produced 24 Olympians, and has five Olympians on our coach staff. Each year we continue to train swimmers to compete in the top national and international events. Aquamaids’ athletes have the opportunity to secure scholarships or admission to some of the best schools in the country, including Stanford University and Ohio State University. Our success is possible through our fundraising. If you get a chance, please visit our Bingo Hall. It is through our fundraising, that we make an expensive sport affordable.

Santa Clara Aquamaids is proud to have contributed to the development of synchronized swimming as a sport. We have long championed inclusion of male swimmers. We are excited to see that mixed duets now are included as an event at international competitions.

The Aquamaids not only builds great athletes, we also build great people. Our coaches and staff create a fun and educational environment to help young boys and girls to become successful now and later in life. Synchronized swimming is one of the most challenging and physically demanding sports. The ability to translate verbal instruction into elegant movement develops critical thinking skills. Our athletes gain confidence, discipline and social skills, characteristics that they benefits from throughout their lives.

The Santa Clara Aquamaids are committed to providing a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment for our participants and their families.  We take a proactive approach to bullying prevention by providing formal training and consultation support for our coaching staff, as well as provide education and awareness for participants and parents. We are constantly revising our norms and expectations so that they reflect our core values. Our staff has completed training in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, an evidence-based program with over 35 years of research. For more information on the Olweus program, please visit:

Our Partners

Our success is due, in part, to our great community partners. Many grateful thanks goes to: