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Dear Aquamaid Alumni,

Like most of us, I have had an imposed breather from the normal day-to-day activities. I have indulged myself in a project that I have only dreamt about– cleaning out a very scary closet. As I plowed through old paperwork and assorted junk, I found countless treasures. These included pictures of many of you. I had made a habit of saving every card that I ever received from an Aquamaid. My intention was to read each one of them after my retirement. Although that day hasn’t come yet, I could not help but pick out a few and read them. This took me on a wonderful journey back to the many experiences that I have had with our club.

For a longtime the Aquamaids have wanted reconnect more strongly with our alumni. What could be a better opportunity than now while we are so isolated physically? I am hoping that you can take a few minutes of your day and fill out your current contact information (see below).

We know that there are many ways to for all of us to stay involved with our club. Some of the projects that that come to mind could be the forming and monitoring an athlete grant process and selection. It has long been our desire to devote a section of our Bingo Hall to the formation of a synchronized (artistic) swimming Museum. This would be a natural fit all of you because you are this club’s history no matter the length of time you spent as an active Aquamaid. At the Aquatic convention last year, we proposed this idea and it was met with great interest.

Of course, the implementation of these ideas is predicated on the re-establishment of a robust economy and the opening up of our Bingo Hall once again. The bolting of our doors has had a huge impact on our organization as it has on so many other businesses. The hope is that all of us return to our previous lives soon.

On a positive note, we are due for an Aquamaid reunion, and for those of us who need a respite from the bad news of the day, it would be nice to remind ourselves that there is something to look forward to down the road.

Please keep yourselves safe,

Chris Carver

PS – With plenty of time to reminisce, my thoughts turned to these lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. They seem to be a good fit for the countless athletes, parents, and friends who are a part of the Aquamaids. I have attached a short version of this special song.

So, old friends,
Fill me in slow, old friends
Start from hello, old friends.
I want the when, where and how.
Old friends do
Tend to become old habit
Never knew
How much I missed you till now.
— Merrily We Roll Along, Stephen Sondheim

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