Our world renowned Competitive Program is rooted in more than 50 years of Aquamaid tradition and excellence. Our Staff, led by 3-time Olympic Coach, Chris Carver, includes Olympic medalists, National Champions and current elite athletes.

Swimmers and families in the Competitive Program make a year-round commitment to training. Swimmers compete Regionally, Nationally and Internationally. This program has produced many National Champions and Olympians.

Program Details

  • Participant families are members of the Santa Clara Aquamaids and are asked to participate in our fundraising activities and volunteer at club events and meets.
  • Swimmers practice between 5 and 6 days/week dependent upon their age
  • Practices are held at pools in Santa Clara, San Jose & Los Gatos.

Upcoming Events
05/17-05/19, 2019 Walnut Creek, CA
Region B Championships
Age Group 10 and Under Age Group 11-12 Age Group 13-15
06/28-07/06, 2019 Buffalo, NY
US Junior Olympics
Age Group 11-12 Age Group 13-15

Recent Achievements

April, 2019
2019 US 13-15 & Junior National Championships

At US 13-15 & Junior National Championships, SCA competed with in 13-15 with two teams, two combo teams, 4 duets and 4 solos, the junior team competed with one team, one combo, three duets and two solo. In 13-15 Aquamaids won Team High Point Award and their coaches Heather Carrasco, Patti Andresen and Ou Liu won 13-15 Coach of the Year Award. In 13-15 age group, Riley Morgan won the Athlete High Point Award, and in the Junior age group, Chiara Steele won Athlete High Point Award. Congratulations!

Age Group 13-15 - Juniors
April, 2019
Intermediate Championship

The Aquamaids returned to Seaside for the Intermediate Championships. This time our Novice and Intermediate swimmers along with the Age group 10 and Under from the Competitive Program participated. Congratulations to you all!



Trio: 1st place Isobel, Lexi and Allison

Duet: 2nd place for Isobel and Allison

Solo: 3rd place Lexi

Figure: 3rd place Isobel, 5th place Allison, 7th place Lexi

Age Group 10 and Under - Novice/Intermediate
Febuary, 2019
West Zone Championships
SCA team cheering on SCA team
Photo Credit: Alison Morgan

In West Zone Championships, the Aquamaids competes with teams from five states. This is a qualifying competition in order to participate at the USA Juniors and 13-15 National Championships. Aquamaids participated with athletes in all event for Juniors and team, duet and solo for the 13-15 age group.


Team: 1st place and qualifying for USA Junior National Championships.

Combo: 1st place and qualifying for USA Junior National Championships.

Age Group 13-15 - Juniors
Feb, 2019
Seaside Routine Invitational

Seaside Routine Invitational is the first meet of year where our swimmers can show off the routines they have been working hard on. It is also a chance to try out how the routine works in a meet and what needs to be improved over the season. Congratulations to all our swimmers to your achievement. We can’t wait to see how you will do the rest of the season!


Solo: First place to Lexi

Team: First and Third place to our newest swimmers!
Duet: First place to Alyssa and Mailey.
Solo: First place to Mailey, Second place to Jessica

Age Group 11-12 - Novice/Intermediate
June, 2018
2018 Junior Olympics

Our 11-12 and 13-15 age group swimmers competed in Junior Olympics in Synchronized Swimming in Oxford, Ohio, June 22-30, 2018. You can view the action on here.

11-12 Age group

Our team took silver after a tight competition with Walnut Creek Aquanuts. Our duet with Gianna and Perry also took a silver.

13-15 Age group

Our 13-15 team took silver.  Some of the original members of this team did not participate in JOs, since they were selected to USA National team. The newly added members who needed to learn this winning routine in a few short weeks.

Age Group 11-12 - Age Group 13-15
June, 2018
Primorje Synchro Cup

Nikki and Camryn won all events at the Primorje Synchro Cup in Croatia they participated in. Together they won gold in both Technical and Free Duet. Nikki also won gold in Technical and Free solo as well as figures. Camryn placed third in Technical and Free solo. She placed fifth in figures.

Congratulations! An amazing achievement for two new duet partners!