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2020 Aquamaids’ Assessment Day

Online Intro to Artistic Swimming

Our fun, energetic and interactive summer camps are favorite among the South Bay and we look forward to bringing them to you in the future!  As an alternative, we have a new, exciting summer opportunity to share with you!

Online “Intro to Artistic Swimming” 

Calling all sharks and mermaids! Come join us for an introduction into the magical world of artistic swimming! We welcome boys and girls ages 5- 10 to learn about the artistry, athleticism, friendships and fun that define our beautiful sport. 

Those interested in pursuing acceptance into our year round Santa Clara Aquamaids Artistic Swimming Club, are invited to participate in our 2020 Aquamaid Assessment Day.  Each participant will be evaluated on their over-all Aquamaid readiness which includes: swimming ability, flexibility, extension and athleticism.  All current swimming pool heath regulations put forth by the CDC and State of California will be followed during our Aquamaid Assessment days.  

You’re welcome to contact Coach Jenny with any questions!

Please note our REFUND POLICY

  • If participant(s) is determined by SCA expert staff NOT TO BE WATER SAFE at any time during the program; NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN
  • If participant does not complete the program and quits; NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN

Refunds will be given if:

  • Aquamaids has no pool access and/or alternative makeup dates cannot be scheduled
  • Athlete withdrew 7 days prior to start of a session or camp. Notifications be given to SCA via email (info@aquamaids.org) 7 days prior to first day of session or camp.
  • Medical Emergency (must have doctor’s note)

SCA staff reserves the right to cancel a program due to low enrollment

2020 Aquamaids’ Assessment Day


Saturday 9:00 am-1:30 pm (20 min)

Fee: $0

August 22 & 29
20 min slots from 9:00 AM to 1:30 PM