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Do you love synchro? The Novice/Intermediate program is for swimmers who want to learn and develop in the sport of synchronized swimming. This program is a 10.5-month commitment, running from September to mid-July. Participants train twice a week and compete in 3 local meets. The season culminates with the California State Games Competition in San Diego.

Program Details


  • Practices start September 10th, 2018, and go through the the California Sate Games in mid-July. There will be a 2 week, Winter break.
  • Coaches will assign swimmers their appropriate divisions (Novice or Intermediate)
  • If spaces are available, qualified swimmers may be accepted mid-season.
  • Participant families are members of the Santa Clara Aquamaids and are asked to participate in our fundraising activities (i.e. once a month volunteer on Friday nights at Aquamaids Bingo).
  • The membership fee is $1800 per year or $200 per month for 9 months.
  • Families with multiple swimmers get at 10% discount on membership dues.
  • When paying full year membership dues at registration time, families get a 10% discount.
  • Practices are Tuesday and Thursdays.

Recent Achievements

April, 2019
Intermediate Championship

The Aquamaids returned to Seaside for the Intermediate Championships. This time our Novice and Intermediate swimmers along with the Age group 10 and Under from the Competitive Program participated. Congratulations to you all!



Trio: 1st place Isobel, Lexi and Allison

Duet: 2nd place for Isobel and Allison

Solo: 3rd place Lexi

Figure: 3rd place Isobel, 5th place Allison, 7th place Lexi

Age Group 10 and Under - Novice/Intermediate
Feb, 2019
Seaside Routine Invitational

Seaside Routine Invitational is the first meet of year where our swimmers can show off the routines they have been working hard on. It is also a chance to try out how the routine works in a meet and what needs to be improved over the season. Congratulations to all our swimmers to your achievement. We can’t wait to see how you will do the rest of the season!


Solo: First place to Lexi

Team: First and Third place to our newest swimmers!
Duet: First place to Alyssa and Mailey.
Solo: First place to Mailey, Second place to Jessica

Age Group 11-12 - Novice/Intermediate
June, 2018
Novice Championship

The Novice Championship in Santa Clara was the first competition for our pre-competition team, and the last competition for our Novice, Intermediate and Age group 10U teams for the 2017-2018 season. The 11-12 B-team also did their last competition for the season at this meet.

Novice results:

8 and under Novice Duet: Pre-compers Samantha and Sasha took gold

9-10 Novice  Team: Our pre-competition teams took Gold and Bronze

Age Group 10 and Under - Age Group 11-12 - Novice/Intermediate - Pre-Competitive
April, 2018
Intermediate Championship

Our novice and intermediate swimmers had a great meet in Novato, CA.

11-12  Novice Team: 1st place

13-15 Intermediate Team: 3rd place

16-17 Intermediate Team: 1st place

13-15 Intermediate Trio: 1st place — Melina, Natalie & Anishka, 2nd place — Aiko, Christina & Tiku, 3rd place — Amane, Lucia & Sarah

11-12 Novice Duet: 1st place — Summer & Mailey

16-17 Intermediate Duet: 1st place — Katie & Fiona