This program is designed to provide committed young athletes and their families with the best preparation possible for success in our elite, Competitive Program. It serves as a transition year where athletes and families become acclimated to the Santa Clara Aquamaids’ training schedule, policies, procedures and mission.

This program focuses on basic synchro skills such as sculling, tucks, pikes and verticals.  Participants will learn the importance of terms like “grab,” “streamline,” “extension,” “alignment,” “posture,” and “musicality.” When the young athletes have control over basic skills, they will be putting these skills together into short routine and practice on team coordination. Flexibility, extension and body awareness is practiced in a weekly ballet lesson lead by experienced ballet teacher.

Program Details

  • Swimmers age 5-8, exceptions may be made for skilled older swimmers.
  • There are 4 practices per week. One of these days is a specially designed ballet class and will be held at a ballet studio.
  •  Participant families are members of the Santa Clara Aquamaids and are asked to participate in our fundraising activities and volunteer at club events and meets.
  • The Pre Comp Program trains primarily at our San Jose pool at John Muir Middle School.
  • The Pre Comp Program will participate in two meets at the end of trainings season in June and July (currently one local meet and State Games in San Diego). This allows the participants to experience a complete synchro meet and the excitement of being part of a team. Travel to State Games is supported by the Aquamaids.

Upcoming Events
07/11-07/14, 2019 San Diego, CA
California State Games
Novice/Intermediate Pre-Competitive

Recent Achievements

July, 2018
State Games
SCA became 2018 State Game Champion Team

Our pre-competitive squad went to California State Games to represent Santa Clara Aquamaids. This is the first away competition for our pre-compers and signals their transitions into our competitive program. The members of our squad participated in the Novice category fitting their age and all did a fabulous job! Congratulations to you all! We are very proud over your progress during this year in pre-comp.

Novice 8-9

Duet: Gold for Samatha and Sasha

Novice 9-10

Team: Our two teams took GOLD and SILVER

Trio: Noriko, Zoya and Jackie took Gold

June, 2018
Novice Championship

The Novice Championship in Santa Clara was the first competition for our pre-competition team, and the last competition for our Novice, Intermediate and Age group 10U teams for the 2017-2018 season. The 11-12 B-team also did their last competition for the season at this meet.

Novice results:

8 and under Novice Duet: Pre-compers Samantha and Sasha took gold

9-10 Novice  Team: Our pre-competition teams took Gold and Bronze

Age Group 10 and Under - Age Group 11-12 - Novice/Intermediate - Pre-Competitive