Last week at USA National Collegiate Championships, several former Aquamaids competed for their collages. We are happy to report that Nikki Dzurko, Ohio State, won first place in Solo, Duet with her Ohio State partner Laila Hurkic, and Team with Ohio State. The Collegiate Team USA Champions Ohio State also included former Aquamaids Camryn Carrasco, Alex Meredith and Stephanie Thielemann. In addition, Nikki won individual High Point Trophy. Stephanie won Gold in Trio with her Ohio teammates Wenjing Deng and Rachel Jager. The Ohio State Bronze team included former Aquamaids Phoebe Coffin and Ava Lichter.

The Silver Medal Duet Team from Stanford was composed only of former Aquamaids Jacklyn Luu and Alexandra Suarez! Jacklyn also scored a Silver medal in Solo. Stanford Team mate and former Aquamaid Sabrina Walsh and Amanda Urke took Silver in Team .

Congratulations to you all! We are proud of our former Aquamaids and wish them future success!